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Game made by Simon Chanson ( game-design and coding) and Léo Marius ( graphics ) during the Ludum Dare 42 : Running out of space.

Synopsis : The new mayor tell the town cemetery is to old and the municipality is losing money with it.

You are playing a cemetery employee who have to clear off old unpaid tomb for the municipality be able to bury new "paying" corps.

No reason dead cannot be profitable for someone !

How to play : Move with the arrows, dig tombs with space, move the bodies to the common pit, and start again ! Keep the rhythm or you will be fired.

Have fun !

Install instructions

Installation : Unzip all the files in a folder, for windows run Dig_LD42_win.exe, on Linux Dig_LD42_linux.x86_64 and on mac Dig_LD42_osx.zip

Sources : https://framagit.org/Nomys_Tempar/LD42_InstantNoodles


LD42_Dig_Jam.zip 156 MB
LD42_Dig_PostJam.zip 158 MB

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