A downloadable game for Android

Learn numbers, colors and shapes with your sweet really augmented Jellyfish !

Press the buttons and count with her, also learn shapes and colors in English, but also in French, Spanish and German !

Will you be bold enough to accept her crazy challenge and beat the jellyfish on her craziest mode ?

Two modes available :

- Free mode : Learn how to tells numbers, shapes and colors in English, French, German and Spanish !

- Challenge : The Jellyfish give you a sequence, you have to reproduce it without failing !

All controls are on touch, directly on the jellyfish. Be careful to turn it on, and also the sound on your device. ;)

Install instructions

Just copy the Apk on you Android phone and install it.

Accept when he tell you I'm not an indentified developper, I know that.

Run the app : Accept the use of the camera for AR.

Scan around you and click on a surface to add a Jellyfish (Try on a table, the floor is not very handy...)

Play and have fun !

No cheating ! ;)


JellyThatCount.apk 98 MB

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